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Know Our Mission

Nothing is stopping us from lending to you

Come through our doors—chances are we can help you.

We learned that our members were feeling defeated and looking for help, for solutions, for hope. So, we looked at the ways we were lending and the criteria we were using, and we began to open access to more people. We offered loans and credit to those who may not be able to get it elsewhere, knowing that what people experienced over the last few years may not be reflective of the future.

Our lending philosophy at Extra Credit Union soon became: Nothing is stopping us from lending to you. We took our tradition of serving schools and expanded it so that we could do everything possible to help everyone in the community find success.

Extra Credit Union will help you:

At Extra Credit Union, we want to set you up for success. We do not believe in limitations, whether they are the bad economy, a financial downturn or a loss. We remove all apprehensions, negativity and fear from the financial process. We will relieve you of your burdens, help you come up with solutions, a plan to budget and pay less for everyday expenses, guide and help you to build better credit, and offer you financial opportunities that will brighten your future.

Are you fed up with your current situation? If so, come to us. We’ll listen to your story rather than slap a credit score on you. We’ll talk to you, get to know you and have faith that you’ll pay us back. Local residents are coming to us in droves, and their heartfelt thank you’s—and sometimes even tears of joy—make it all worth it. This truly is life-changing—for them and for us.

Become a member today!

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