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Extra Auto Advantage

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Dreaming of driving a new (or newer) car, but aren’t ready for years of big payments? Extra Credit Union’s Extra Auto Advantage might be perfect for you.

Extra Auto Advantage allows you to have your dream car—and you only pay for what you’re going to use! Extra Auto Advantage is kind of like a lease—rather than making payments on the whole car, your payment is based only on the portion of the car you’re using. You get a better car for a lower payment and we can help you find a term and interest rate that will work for your budget. If you love your car, you can purchase it at the end of your loan—if not, then you’re ready to move on to the next car of your dreams!

Benefits Include:

  • Affordable rates and terms of 24-72 months
  • New cars are eligible from the current or previous model year
  • Used cars up to 5 years old are eligible
  • Mileage options including 12,000, 15,000 or 18,000 a year
  • Additional mileage is only 10 cents/mile
  • Purchase insurance for excessive wear and tear on the vehicle

Check out our Extra Auto Advantage payment comparison to help you find an auto loan that meets your needs.

Excess Wear & Tear Protection Plan

Why Sign Up?

Your regular auto insurance will only cover certain types of damage, usually not including cosmetic damage or missing parts. However, if you decide to return your vehicle to Extra Credit Union at loan maturity, you will be subject to certain vehicle return condition requirements. Industry averages for excess wear and tear costs are currently around $1,000 per vehicle!

With the Excess Wear & Tear Protection Plan you don’t have to worry about additional charges arising from missing parts or cosmetic damage due to unforeseen events, such as a grocery cart hitting your car in a parking lot or damage to your wheels after hitting a pothole.

Eligible Vehicles:

  • Future, current and up to two model year old vehicles with less than 18,0001 miles on odometer at loan inception
  • Loan terms of 24-72 months
  • Vehicles with an MSRP or less than $150,000
  • Available for purchase only at loan inception

What’s Covered? *

  • Exterior dings, scratches and chips
  • Interior tears and stains on leather, cloth or vinyl
  • Electronics/GPS replacement or repair of factory navigation, stereo or DVD system
  • Wheel/tire damage
  • Bumpers/trim dents, scratches or gouges
  • Windshield/window cracks, scratches or replacements
  • Light/lense cracks or clouded lenses
  • Muffler/tail pipe damage
  • Exterior/interior missing parts (i.e., keys and manuals)

*Subject to coverage limitations. See Excess Wear & Tear Protection Limited Physical Damage Addendum for full terms and conditions.

We understand dents happen

  • Worry-free ownership experience
  • Protection against unforeseeable events
  • No unexpected additional costs

Applying for an Extra Auto Advantage loan is easy:

  1. Click here to get started with your online application today.
  2. Looking to save time? Apply in eBanking under the “Services” tab (this is the quickest way to complete your application)
  3. Call us at (586) 276-3000, option 1

Applicants must meet loan approval and membership qualifications.

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