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Life Happens Loan

When a want or need arises - we've got you covered!

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Need money to cover the unexpected?
Life happens—your pet gets sick and needs emergency surgery, you need a root canal ASAP {ouch}, a family member passes away unexpectedly and you need money to cover the funeral arrangements—and quick. The list goes on. Emergencies happen. Life happens—and it’s usually at the worst times.

We understand that life can be messy—don’t stress. Extra Credit Union has your back! Apply for our Life Happens Loan and get the money you need—and quick!

Extra money for whatever you want.
Needs take precedence, as they should. But just once, wouldn’t it be nice to fulfill a want? Well, we can help with that, too.

Maybe LASIK surgery so you can toss out those glasses? Or signing up for a weight loss program or plastic surgery so you can finally squeeze into those jeans?

Whatever your “want” may be—a relaxing dream vacation, new clubs to alleviate stress on the golf course, braces for a new, confident smile—we’re here for you.

Our Life Happens Loan covers pretty much whatever life throws at you—emergencies, wants, needs—all of it, including:

  • Veterinary financing
  • Dental financing
  • LASIK surgery
  • Dermatology procedures
  • Body enhancements
  • Funeral costs
  • the possibilities are endless!

Loan Requirements:

Easy-to-Manage Payments
Automatic payments give you peace of mind knowing that your payments are being made for you and on time every month. Want to pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? The choice is yours.

Loan Payment
How much can we lend to you? That depends on your Monthly Gross Income (MGI). We want to ensure that your payment is comfortable for your lifestyle and budget.

Term Limit
You can choose a maximum of 60 months, making your payment lower and freeing up your budget for other unforeseen expenses.

Take a Break
We’ll give you the first 60 days to catch up on life—that’s right, no payments for 60 days.

Apply 24/7 it’s quick, convenient, and easy.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate which includes a loan processing fee of $45-$75 depending on the loan amount. An unsecured loan payment example assuming: A $10,000 loan amount, an excellent credit score, a 72-month term and a 10.22% APR. The monthly payment would be about $185.10. Rates vary and are dependent on individual credit history. Minimum loan amount = $500. Maximum loan amount is calculated based on your monthly gross income. Maximum term = 60 months. All loans are subject to credit approval. Other terms, conditions, or restrictions apply.

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