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eBanking & eBill Pay

Make it all happen … online

You do everything else online, right? Why not your banking? So, learn about eBanking and eBill pay at Extra Credit Union.


Make life far easier and simpler by accessing your banking accounts 24/7 to:

  • View your account and loan balances, account history and recent transactions
  • Transfer funds between your Extra Credit Union accounts*
  • Make Extra Credit Union loan payments
  • Acquire cash advances from your loans
  • View images of your checks
  • Download previous statements
  • Reorder checks
  • Export to Quicken and Excel

Plus, here are some of the features and benefits you can get excited about in our eBanking platform:

eAlerts: We have enhanced eAlerts to choose from. They can arrive by email or text for items ranging from password changes, share balance, login from a new device, and loan transaction.

Check out the following link for a step-by-step guide to setting up eAlerts and self-enrolling in eBanking:

eAlerts and Enrollment eBanking Guide

Open additional accounts: Skip a trip to the credit union (we’ll miss seeing you!) and open additional accounts through eBanking.

Skip-A-Pay: Skip the hassle of mailing in your application or making a trip to Extra Credit Union! Apply to skip a loan payment (for a $35 fee, some restrictions apply) through the convenience of eBanking!

Have questions? Check out these helpful eBanking FAQs.


Let’s face it. Paper is overrated. It’s gotten way too much press for far too long.

Enroll in eStatements and each month you’ll receive an email alert when your statement is ready. Simply log into eBanking to review your statement. This free and secure service protects you against identity fraud as there is no paper trail … not to mention that the service provides secure storage within eBanking. Save fees from paper statements, receive statements more quickly, reduce clutter, and conserve resources.

Signing up for eStatements is free and easy:

Step1: Log in to eBanking.
Step 2: Click/tap on the eStatements button.
Step 3: Check the box next to "enroll all accounts." Enroll.

eBill Pay

Writing checks, buying stamps—that’s so 1995. Save time and money by enrolling in eBill Pay.

Pay your bills online for faster and more efficient bill payment. It’s free when you pay three or more bills per month. When in a pinch, expedite your payment overnight for an extra fee. Once you are enrolled in eBanking, you will be able to enroll in eBill Pay.

Through eBill Pay, you can:

  • Set up electronic alerts to remind you when bills are due
  • Schedule reoccurring payments for rent, utilities and more
  • Schedule payments for future dates
  • View a history of the bills you’ve paid
  • Ask companies to send bills electronically through the eBill Pay site
  • View and manage account balances
  • Get support 24/7
  • Pay a company, individual or make a loan payment
  • Expedite a payment overnight or for the second business day for an extra fee
  • Use the calendar to get a snapshot view of the entire month’s bill payment activity
  • Add additional accounts
  • Nickname accounts
  • Sign up for eBill Pay alerts—which can be sent to your email, cell phone by text message, or both—to assist you in monitoring account activity

eBill Pay is integrated into Extra Credit Union’s eBanking platform. And if you’re on the go, members will be able to download our eBanking App to check account balances, make transfers, pay bills, and more!

Try eBill Pay for free!
We offer all new enrollees of eBill Pay three months of fee-free usage! {Paying bills online without having to write checks, lick envelopes or buy stamps? Yes, please!!!}

How does this work? When you enroll in eBill Pay, you have three months to explore the system without having to pay three or more bills to avoid the $4.95 monthly fee. This gives our members time to determine if this service will work for them and to pay some bills or cancel the service prior to being charged.

After the three-month trial period is over, the member will begin to be charged the monthly fee if three or more bills are not paid monthly. The fee is charged the third business day of the next month for the previous month’s activity.

View the following links for more info on eBill Pay:

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