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Caught on camera—Those risqué dance moves can come back to haunt you9/1/2017

High school: Homecoming, prom … dance party time! Dressed to have fun, you’ve got the moves and you’re showing them off—and someone snaps a video or photo and shares it with the world on social media. Everyone sees you “shakin’ it” at the party! YOU’RE FAMOUS! How cool is that?!? People are talking about it, sharing it with friends and posting about it—talk about popularity! Ok, so maybe my dress is a little low cut … and tight … and maybe my moves are a little risqué, but hey! Everyone is talking about me!

Fast forward five years … You did great in college and you have an interview for an internship with the hottest company in town—How exciting is that?

You ACE the interview—You’ve GOT THIS! YES!

A couple of weeks pass…no call.

Another week passes…no call.

You get a letter in the email—the company went with another candidate.

What went wrong? Just to follow up, you place a call to the company and speak with the interviewer. You politely thank him for interviewing with you and ask if he has any feedback for you as to why you did not get the position.

The answer? YOU’RE FAMOUS… Remember that party? Remember the posts? They didn’t go away. The internet has a very, very long memory and it has instantaneous recollection.

Many companies do social media searches on perspective employees prior to making hiring decisions, so here are some quick tips:

  1. Don’t post tasteless pictures or posts

  2. Don’t allow others to tag you in posts without your permission.

  3. Don’t post when you’re “playing hooky” {go a step further and don’t play hooky J} from your current job.

  4. Don’t post rants in which you post complaints, or vent about your current position or personal aspects of your life.

All of these types of posts can come back to haunt you—Being famous is great … but make sure you’re famous for the RIGHT things!

Author: Ruthann Varosi, Extra Credit Union Marketing Manager

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