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Credit Cards: Pay More Than Minimum for Faster Payoff10/30/2017


Minimum payments on credit cards are now between 1% to 4% of the balance due. If you can afford higher payments each month, you'll benefit over the long haul. If you can't afford to pay this percentage of your balance, chances are you're in over your head. Ask someone at Extra Credit Union to help you get a handle on your finances.

Consider the example of a $2,000 balance at 18% interest. If your minimum payment is 2% of the balance due each month, it will take you about 19 years to pay it off and you'll pay $3,862 in interest. (A 2% minimum payment would start at $40 and taper to $20. Maintain the $40 and you'll pay off the debt faster.)

If you're paying 4% of the balance due, you'll pay off the balance in seven years and four months and cut your interest costs to $1,031. (A 4% minimum payment starts at $80 and tapers to $20.)

By paying 8% of the balance due, much more than minimum, it will take you three years and nine months to pay off, and you'll pay about $433 in interest. (An 8% minimum payment starts at $160 and tapers to $20.) Remember, these calculations assume you add no more charges to the card.

Always pay at least the minimum amount due so you don't incur a late fee, and if possible, charge only as much as you can pay in full each month or within a few months.

And if you're paying high credit card rates elsewhere, check out Extra Credit Union's Platinum and Platinum Rewards Mastercard® for consistent savings.

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