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Teacher Feature: Sarah Blondin, Warren Mott High School4/25/2017

Teacher Feature: Sarah Blondin, Warren Mott High School

Extra Credit Union is an organization devoted to serving the financial needs of local schools and has done so since its formation in 1954. For many years, Extra Credit Union has successfully provided financial education programs in local K-12 schools; scholarships to graduating seniors; and given teachers many resources and services.

With this in mind, we are featuring a different teacher every month. Our “teacher feature” brings attention to a teacher in our community who goes above and beyond and whose passion for their work truly shows.

This month, we feature Sarah Blondin, Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Warren Mott High School.

ECU: How long have you been teaching?

Sarah: I have been teaching for 13 years, all of them at Warren Mott High School.

ECU: What subject do you teach?

Sarah: The classes I teach are called Family and Consumer Sciences, but most people know them as Home Ec. Family and Consumer Sciences is more reflective of the modern things that we teach like nutrition, interpersonal communication, and personal financial literacy.

ECU: Why did you become a teacher?

Sarah: I tried a few other options in college, but I think somehow I always knew I would end up here. When I finally made the decision to become a teacher though, I also had to decide what I wanted to teach. I thought about the teachers who had impacted me the most, and I knew I wanted to follow in their footsteps. Ultimately, I think one of those amazing teachers led me to the career, and the other, to the curriculum I now teach.

ECU: What is your favorite thing about teaching?

Sarah: I love knowing that each day will be a new adventure and the challenge that brings to my work. I learned early in my career that some of the biggest hurdles will come in things you never even planned on preparing for, but also that you can grow immensely from these same things. I also love building relationships with my students.  It is such a special connection and I hope that I am able to leave a lasting impact on some of them just like my own teachers did for me.

ECU: How old are you?

Sarah: I’m 35.

ECU: Are you married? Kids? If so, how many, ages, names, etc.

Sarah: I have been married for nine years and I have an amazing 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son.

ECU: What do you like to do in your spare time? Any hobbies?

Sarah: As a mom, it seems like most of my time is spent with my family. If I do get a few minutes to myself, I love to binge on a favorite TV show, bargain shop, and decorate a new space in my home.

ECU: Do you have any specific goals for the school year?

Sarah: Each year I am hoping to improve my craft in one way or another. Recently, I have been working on adding more technology elements to my courses and I plan to continue on that journey.

ECU: What do you hope your students take away from your class at the end of the semester/school year?

Sarah: I want students to leave my classes feeling confident that the skills I’ve taught them will be applicable in their adult lives. I am so passionate about the skills I can provide for my students and I love knowing that they can see the value in what they are learning. Too many times, I think students wonder when they will be able to apply lessons they learn in school, and with my curriculum, I don’t have those concerns.

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