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ATM Upgrade

I thought your ATMs worked just fine, why upgrade?
Our ATMs are being upgraded for a few reasons. First is to meet the requirements handed down as a result of the U.S. Justice Department Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules governing the construction and alteration of public accommodations. This requirement has also allowed Extra Credit Union to upgrade to ATMs that are more technologically advanced and offer more convenience to our members.

As a result of the upgrade, what requirements of the ADA will be fulfilled?
To better serve all of our members, the upgraded ATMs will feature:

  • Accessible height and reach
  • Voice guidance
  • Allows for an input device
  • Step-by-step guidance display screen
  • Braille instructions

How are my check deposits handled in the new machine?
Checks are inserted into the check acceptor on the ATM. Unlike our previous machines, you may deposit checks individually without an envelope. Simply deposit your first check face up. Upon your first check deposit being electronically scanned and approved you will receive a message: “Check deposit to checking transaction complete. Would you like another transaction?” If you have additional checks to deposit, select yes and repeat the process for subsequent checks.

How is my cash deposit handled?
Cash is placed directly into the ATM – no envelope is necessary. The machine is equipped with a Bulk Note Acceptor, which is a currency acceptor that can receive up to 100 bills of various denominations. The Bulk Note Acceptor sorts and calculates the bills deposited. Your cash deposit is then displayed in a table that is broken down into the types of denominations inserted. ($1, $5, $10…) At this point, you can confirm the amount deposited is correct and proceed with your transaction.

With upgraded technology will a hold still be placed on my ATM deposits?

Extra Credit Union ATMs
Cash — No Hold
Checks — 2 Business Days

Other ATMs
Cash — 2 Business Days
Checks — 2 Business Days

I would like a record the deposited checks. Is there a record of them on my receipt?
Yes. For your records and peace of mind an image of each check deposited will appear on your receipt.

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