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Resources for Teachers

Extra Credit Union provides teachers with a variety of resources to help them in guiding students toward financial literacy, including:

  • TEAM Classroom Grant Program to give teachers needed monies for class projects and field trips
  • Banzai to give teachers a free, online financial literacy course to teach students
  • Classroom presentations to provide teachers and their students with educational and fun learning experiences taught by our financial literacy expert
  • Credit Union tours to get students out of the classroom and visiting Extra Credit Union, while engaging in a fun literacy activity

TEAM Classroom Grant Program
Teachers, do you want to bring a cool program into your classroom, take your students on a field trip, or perhaps have them participate in an out-of-the-box learning experience to support your lesson plan? Extra Credit Union is on your TEAM to help you educate the youth in our communities. We specifically designed the Teacher Extra-curricular Activity Money (TEAM) Classroom Grant Program to enable you to do just that.

Each year, we award $10,000 in grants to teachers and other school staff members {think counselor, janitor, principal or even an administrative assistant, etc.} who are members of our credit union. These grants offer school staff individual grants up to $2,000 to assist them in providing creative opportunities to impact their classroom, students or school.

Check back to our website in the fall to download a copy of the application. Congratulations to the 2018-19 TEAM Classroom Grant winners:

  • John Gomola and Amber Williamson – Sterling Heights High School – $1,555 to purchase The Plant Paradox books for their classroom to tie the lessons of biology and chemistry together with the students
  • Julia Greenblatt – Carter Middle School – $1,000 to purchase the materials for art students to create clay hand sculptures
  • Rebecca Akins and Deanna Murry – Westview and Mound Park Elementary Schools – $575 to purchase equipment to use in physical education class at both schools
  • Melanie VanMaele – Lincoln Elementary School – $500 to purchase a laptop for learning in her classroom
  • Mark Brandimarte – Armada Middle School – $985.77 to purchase equipment for fitness testing in gym class
  • Jean Kotlar – St. Anne Preschool – $1,500 to purchase portable air conditioning units for classrooms
  • Nicole Koleczko – Westview Elementary School – $695 to purchase flexible seating for her classroom
  • David Nielsen – Crothers Elementary School – $373 to take his students on a field trip to the Play Place for Autistic Children
  • Karyn Kechechian – Wilkerson and Black Elementary Schools – $575 to purchase art stools for the art room at both schools
  • Tracey Bailey – Wolfe Middle School – $601.45 to purchase CD players and batteries to help promote literacy using audio books
  • Nicole Davis and Nathan Landoski – Crothers Elementary School – $1,625 to take their fourth-grade students to The River Rouge Truck Plant and Greenfield Village

Banzai online financial literacy
Extra Credit Union is “extra” committed to encouraging, empowering and providing resources for financial literacy education in local schools. In fact, we even pay for our partner schools to be able educate students on important and basic financial skills. One of the various ways Extra Credit Union supports the schools in that capacity is through Banzai.

Extra Credit Union provides this valuable, hands-on resource to teachers for free to help them teach real-life financial situations to students through online simulations and workbooks—that’s right, we cover the entire cost. Students learn about math, life skills, computer science, personal finance/economics, and more. The program works best for grades 8-12 and fits into many curriculum’s.

Our School and Community Relations Coordinator, Ashley, Fordyce, visits each classroom to introduce the program and share information on how credit unions operate. Ashley follows up and returns at a later date to answer questions and award a certificate of completion to each student who completes the course. Students also receive an incentive to open an account.

Interested? Contact Ashley at (586) 276-3150.

Classroom presentations
Teachers: We’re here for you! Extra Credit Union will help you educate your students through delivering classroom presentations. We will customize a presentation that works around your lesson plan, specific needs and student age/grade. Presentations can be made on a variety of topics related to money and finances for kindergarten-12th grade, including:

  • Saving, spending and sharing
  • Opportunity cost and needs vs. wants
  • Credit and its impact on your future
  • Checking accounts
  • Teachers will choose the presentation topic, length and how often you want us to present. We also will consult with you to select the appropriate industry tools for the student population.

To arrange for a classroom presentation, contact our School and Community Relations Coordinator Ashley Fordyce, at (586) 276-3150.

Credit union tours
Extra Credit Union invites all teachers and their students, student groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and others to visit our main office to take a tour and participate in a financial literacy activity. It makes for a fun and educational field trip.

We’d also love to come and support you at your school. We are honored when teachers and others invite us to attend their student events where we enjoy sharing financial literacy information and providing enjoyable activities around the topic.

To arrange for a credit union tour or for an Extra Credit Union representative to visit your event, contact our School and Community Relations Coordinator, Ashley Fordyce, at (586) 276-3150.

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