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Checking Accounts

Everyone should have a checking account. And Extra Credit Union provides one with great benefits and everything you need—in one place. What makes our checking accounts so awesome? Well, they’re:

Plus, get a free debit or ATM card!

Get instant access to your money with an ATM/Debit Application when you sign up for a checking account. Rather than lugging around your stack of $100 bills, use your debit or ATM card to draw money directly from your checking account.

Once you apply for an ATM/Debit Application, use it any of the more than 30,000 ATMs throughout Michigan and across the country, without ATM fees. Use your Debit card to withdraw cash, make deposits, and transfer money, plus make purchases at any store or restaurant displaying the MasterCard logo…anywhere in the world.

MasterCard Secure Code

MasterCard Secure Code provides advanced security for online shopping when using your Extra Credit Union debit card. Want to know more? Check out this informational page. Or sign up for MasterCard Secure Code now.

MasterCard Secure Code terms of use agreement.

Apply today!

Simply download an ATM/Debit Application, visit an Extra Credit Union branch near you, or call us at (586) 276-3000. Visit our FAQ page for more information.

If your debit or ATM card has been lost or stolen, please visit our designated informational page.

Three ways to protect your checking account

Isn’t it embarrassing to get stuck without enough cash at the register? (Awkward!) At Extra Credit Union, you have three different ways to protect your checking account to avoid embarrassment, overdraft fees and hassles:

  • Overdraft transfer—If your checking account is overdrawn, funds from another Extra Credit Union account(s) can be automatically transferred to cover the cost (for a fee of $3 per transfer). Call or visit a branch to set up this service from the account of your choosing today.
  • flexLINE of credit—This revolving line of credit transfers funds to your checking account to cover a purchase when there are non-sufficient funds (NSF). Repayments are made from the member’s account in which they designate. Apply for flexLINE of Credit to get started.
  • Courtesy Pay—This overdraft program covers you for overdrafts up to $500 when making purchases, which helps members with checking accounts in good standing to avoid a non-sufficient funds fee, bounced check or late fees. Courtesy pay is automatically added to your account after 90 days, with no application necessary. The program does not automatically apply to ATM withdrawals or purchases at retailers. For Point-of-Sale Pay {allows Courtesy Pay to kick in when making purchases with an ATM or debit card}, you must opt in. If you’re already enrolled in this service and wish to discontinue, you must opt out. The quickest way to enroll or discontinue this service is by logging in to eBanking. Next, select the Opt In/Opt Out Point-of-Sale Pay option under the “services” tab. Or, feel free to call us at (586) 276-3000 for assistance.

* The courtesy pay program is just that, a courtesy, and is not an extension of credit. It does not constitute a written agreement of obligation or a pre-arranged agreement for Extra Credit Union to pay a member’s overdrafts, and we may withdraw the service at any time. Point-of-Sale Pay is not automatically available for ATM withdrawals or PIN-generated debit transactions; you must opt in. Please review the courtesy pay policy or call Extra Credit Union at (586) 276-3000 for complete details.

Clean Slate Checking

Need to pay bills, but can't get approved for a checking account at another financial institution? That can be tough—and defeating. Come in to an Extra Credit Union branch to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable member service representative to see if Extra Credit Union's Clean Slate Checking can give you the second chance you've been searching for.

Clean Slate Checking offers the opportunity to pay bills, build better credit and get a fresh, clean slate on the path to future financial success. Visit us to inquire about your fresh start and to get details on all the benefits Clean Slate Checking has to offer.

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