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Financial Literacy for Teachers and Students

Youth Account Overview

Help young people up to age 17 engage in the fun of saving and reward them for filling up their piggy bank—and all the while, they’ll earn interest on any deposit. A parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent or friend can open a youth savings account, even for a baby, and help save for their future.

A youth account operates just like our regular account:

  • Open the account with a one-time, $5 membership deposit, which is required to purchase a share of membership in the credit union.
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be made in any amount.
  • Account interest is compounded and paid quarterly.
  • Through this account, you establish membership at Extra Credit Union with access to all our services.

Resources for School Staff

Extra Credit Union provides teachers with a variety of resources to help them in guiding students toward financial literacy.

Classroom Presentations

Extra Credit Union will help you educate your students through delivering classroom presentations. We will customize a presentation that works around your lesson plan, specific needs and student age/grade. Presentations can be made on a variety of topics related to money and finances for kindergarten-12th grade, including:

  • Saving, spending, and sharing
  • Opportunity cost and needs vs. wants
  • Credit and its impact on your future
  • Checking accounts
Teachers will choose the presentation topic, length and how often you want us to present. We also will consult with you to select the appropriate industry tools for the student population. To arrange for a classroom presentation, email our financial education team at financialeducation@extracreditunion.org or fill out the form below.

Request Presentation

School Employee Grant Program

School employees, do you want to bring a cool program into your classroom, take your students on a field trip, or perhaps have them participate in an out-of-the-box learning experience to support your lesson plan?

Each year, we award $10,000 in grants to teachers and other school staff members who are members of our credit union. These grants offer school staff individual grants up to $2,000 to assist them in providing creative opportunities to impact their classroom, students or school.

Congratulations to our 2023 School Employee Grant winners:

  • Marlana Jones and Brandy Rokicki, Barnes Early Childhood Center
  • Stacie Smith-Duenow, Carleton Middle School
  • Kathryn VanGorder and Bessie Tasios, Fitzgerald High School
  • Kimberly Winiarski, Tau Beta School
  • Erika Gadoury, Willow Woods Elementary School
  • Mindy Harchuk, Endeavor Elementary School
  • Ann Clark, Marge Racine, and Gina Asaro, Warren Consolidate Schools
  • Annette Lauria, St. Anne Catholic Grade School
  • Lyle Dixon, Chatterton Middle School
  • Carolyn Short and Madilyn Wasikowski, Memphis Elementary School

Banzai Online Financial Literacy Program

Extra Credit Union is committed to encouraging, empowering and providing resources for financial literacy education in local schools. We even pay for our partner schools to be able educate students on important and basic financial skills through Banzai.

Extra Credit Union provides this valuable, hands-on resource to teachers for free to help them teach real-life financial situations to students through online simulations and workbooks. Students learn about math, life skills, computer science, personal finance/economics, and more. The program works best for grades 8-12 and fits into many curricula.

Members of our financial education team visit each classroom to introduce the program and share information on how credit unions operate. The staff member follows up and returns at a later date to answer questions and award a certificate of completion to each student who completes the course. Students also receive an incentive to open an account.

Credit Union Tours

Extra Credit Union invites all teachers and their students, student groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and others to visit our main office to take a tour and participate in a financial literacy activity. It makes for a fun and educational field trip.

We’d also love to come and support you at your school. We are honored when teachers and others invite us to attend their student events where we enjoy sharing financial literacy information and providing enjoyable activities around the topic.

To arrange for a credit union tour or for an Extra Credit Union representative to visit your event, email our financial education team at financialeducation@extracreditunion.org.

Homeroom Service

Teachers, we know that every minute of your day counts. Let Extra Credit Union bring our banking services right to your classroom door. Simply schedule an appointment with a member of our financial education team, then let us come to you at your convenience.

We will help you transact your most common banking needs, from applying for a loan or opening an account to more complex services, such as assessing your financial situation or helping you apply for a mortgage.

Homeroom Service includes:

  • Mortgages Application/Consultant
  • Auto Loans
  • Consumer/Personal Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Checking/Debit Card/flexLINE of Credit
  • Savings Accounts
  • Direct Deposit
  • Financial Planning
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Credit Report Review

To schedule Homeroom Service at your school, email our financial education team at financialeducation@extracreditunion.org.

CU Save Days

Extra Credit Union spends a day each month visiting a partner school to encourage students to become knowledgeable consumers, while also making a regular savings deposit for their future. Each interested school sets up a regularly scheduled day per month and our representative guides students toward making financially strong decisions.


Students enjoy solidifying their math abilities while learning practical finance and practicing responsible business skills. Throughout the year, students also can participate in Youth Week, a financial-literacy focused week with the importance of saving and budgeting.

Community Involvement

Every year, individual Extra Credit Union staff members mentor up to four high school students in need for the duration of the school year. Our entire staff supports Winning Future’s vision financially though our employee Jeans for a Cause fund. We are also proud to co-sponsor Winning Futures events, which recognize students and their families.

Each holiday season, Extra Credit Union employees and our members offer donations to the Macomb Intermediate School District’s Homeless Education Project. Cold weather supplies (hats, scarves, coats, mittens/gloves), toiletries, socks, gift cards, and cash donations are collected and benefit local children whose families are currently homeless.

Extra Credit Union supports the Blessings in a Backpack program in the Warren Consolidated Schools district through employee Jeans for a Cause donations, event sponsorships, service activities, and more. Blessings in a Backpack is a program that provides food over the weekend for children whose families struggle to put meals on the table and who might not otherwise get balanced nutrition when not in school.

Football and other sports games, pep rallies, senior all-night parties, yearbook ads, and various fundraisers—Extra Credit Union sponsors and supports many different school programs, and we are dedicated and active in supporting partner schools.

If you are a partner school with a sponsorship need, email our financial education team at financialeducation@extracreditunion.org.

At Extra Credit Union, we constantly seek ways to show our commitment to our partner schools. Employees who participate in our Jeans for A Cause fund can wear jeans every Friday for a weekly $4 donation toward this fund, which supports the important school programs mentioned above.

Want to join the efforts? Donate any amount—big or small—toward our Jeans for a Cause fund. You may drop it off at any Extra Credit Union location. 

To learn more, email our financial education team at financialeducation@extracreditunion.org.


Richard J. Spence Scholarship

It’s never too early to start saving for college, especially with costs increasing every year. Extra Credit Union gives students a helping hand by proudly awarding the Richard J. Spence Scholarship to five graduating high school seniors each year. The multiple scholarships include:

  • One $2,000 scholarship
  • Two $1,000 scholarships
  • Two $500 scholarships

Our scholarship recipients are determined by a committee and selected based on:

  • Academic achievement
  • Community and school involvement
  • Contributions to family or society
  • A written essay

Student awardees may apply scholarship funds to any component of their comprehensive tuition and fees. Students must be a member of Extra Credit Union and a high school senior at the time of application to apply.

Check back soon for updates on the next scholarship application!


Continuing Education Scholarship

Learning never ends. At Extra Credit Union, we believe that education empowers people to fulfill their dreams and reach their goals—so that’s why we developed the Continuing Education Scholarship.

Whether you are currently a student in college, a non-traditional student heading to college for the first time, or someone entering a trade school to pursue your dream, you are eligible to apply for the Extra Credit Union Continuing Education Scholarship.*

Extra Credit Union will award up to five $1,000 Continuing Education Scholarships to members who demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to learning and a clear path for their future. Funds will be distributed directly to the academic institution’s financial aid office. Funds can be applied to any component of the student’s tuition and fees. 

Download the Continuing Education Scholarship application here.

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