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Life Happens.

When you’re facing an emergency, it’s important you get the money you need as quickly as possible. We make that happen.

Our Life Happens Loan covers pretty much whatever life throws at you, from medical procedures to funeral costs for a family member.

We offer easy-to-manage payments on your schedule and no payments for up to 60 days. Loan amounts depend on your Monthly Gross Income and term limits are a maximum of 60 months.

Affordable Personal Loans

We want to help you create the life that you deserve. Our personal loan options are designed to provide flexibility and give you a boost when you need it. You can apply online, by phone, or in-person.

Personal Loan

We offer personal loans with affordable rates and payment terms of up to 72 months. We develop an installment payment plan so you know exactly when payments are due and when your loan will be paid off.

flexLINE of Credit

This line of credit is a pre-approved amount that you can tap into only when needed. Enjoy a fixed interest rate and no annual fees. A flexLINE, when used responsibly, can even help improve your credit score.

Savings Secured Loans

Use your savings or certificate of deposit funds to secure the loan and build credit through borrowing against your savings or certificate account without depleting the balance.

Youth Loan

We enable youth ages 13-19 to learn the responsibilities of handling money while building good credit. Youth Loans are typically used for prom expenses, senior portraits, school trips, athletic expenses, and more.

Debt Crusher Program

Feeling overwhelmed by debt? End the cycle now. Let Extra Credit Union pay off your high-interest debt with our Debt Crusher Program. We provide you one affordable monthly payment based on your budget and financial goals.

  • There’s a clear timeline in having debt repaid
  • Easy to manage with automatic payments (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)
  • Interest rates are fair and based on your credit and income 
  • You’re our member and we care about your financial well-being.
  • Auto lenders
  • Payday lenders
  • Finance companies
  • Credit card companies
  • Retail/store accounts
  • Medical collectors
  • Credit report review—to educate you on your credit history and work to uncover opportunities to improve your score.
  • Loan limit—the amount we can pay off is based on your Monthly Gross Income (MGI) so we can ensure the payment amount and the term can best meet your goals and budget.
  • Term limit—set at a maximum of 60 months so you can crush your debt in five years or less.
  • Creditor assistance—we end the cycle of debt accumulation by helping you close cards/lines of credit that don’t work for you. We save you time and trouble by paying off your debtors directly.

Credit Cards

The Extra Credit Union Mastercard® program is designed to fit your unique situation. Get a card issued on the spot at Extra Credit Union, upon credit approval.

Platinum and Platinum Rewards Mastercard® benefits:

  • No annual fee
  • No balance-transfer fee
  • No fee at Extra Credit Union ATMs
  • No cash-advance fee
  • Low standard payments
  • Low foreign-transaction fee
  • Annual statement
  • Expansive Rewards Program
  • Earn one rewards point for every $1 you spend—with no limit.

Auto Loans

Shopping for a new car? Feeling the strain of a high auto payment? Car paid off? Regardless of the circumstance, we can help you!

Together, we will:

  • Review your credit to find the right loan option
  • Advise you on vehicles that work within your budget
  • Determine the value of the vehicle you are interested in and the most you should pay prior to meeting with the dealer
  • Pre-approve you for a loan up to the amount that you qualify for to protect you from overpaying at the dealership

Get The Right Loan For You

OnTrack Auto Loan

Need a new ride, but think you won’t qualify for an auto loan due to challenging credit? Our OnTrack Auto Loan can help you stay on top of your finances while improving your credit.

Features include:

  • Competitive terms and payments that fit within your budget
  • A 0.25% rate discount if you sign up for direct deposit and auto transfer
  • A GPS provided and installed at no cost, which will assist in finding your vehicle if it is stolen
  • A diagnostic review and CarFax information for the vehicle
  • After 24 months of on-time payments, you can request a credit review to see if you qualify for a lower interest rate

Extra Auto Advantage

Extra Auto Advantage is kind of like a lease—rather than making payments on the whole car, your payment is based only on the portion of the car you’re using. You can get a better car for a lower payment and we can help you find a term and interest rate that will work for your budget. If you love your car, you can purchase it at the end of your loan.

Benefits include:

  • Affordable rates and terms of 24-72 months
  • New cars are eligible from the current or previous model year
  • Used cars up to 5 years old are eligible
  • Mileage options including 12,000, 15,000 or 18,000 a year
  • Additional mileage is only 10 cents/mile
  • Purchase insurance for excessive wear and tear on the vehicle
  • Excess Wear & Tear Protection Plan

Recreational Vehicle Loans

If you’re dreaming about a sport or recreational vehicle, Extra Credit Union offers financing to expand your horizons for fun and adventure. From RVs and trailers to motorcycles and sailboats, we will guide you in acquiring a recreational loan or watercraft loan.

Benefits include:

  • Fair interest rates
  • Flexible terms
  • Personal service
  • Automatic payments online

Auto Loan FAQs

This is typically a verbal statement from your lender stating you qualify for a specific loan amount based on credit and income information. A letter may be provided to the member upon request. Advantages: This allows you to get a good idea of what you can afford while shopping for a car so that you can solely target those within your price range and stay within your budget. A pre-approval simplifies your dealership experience—you can leave out discussions about financing, and focus on the vehicle and getting the best price possible.

A mortgage pre-approval is good for 90 days. An auto loan pre-approval is good for 30 days.

Yes, you can refinance to increase the loan amount (borrow more money). There is an associated loan processing fee of $75 for any loan over $4,000 and $45 for any loan that is $2,000-$4,000.

Home Loans & Lines of Credit

We work with people of all credit backgrounds and work on a one-on-one basis to establish a loan that works best with each individual. Instead of simply making a decision based on your credit score, we listen to your story.

Whether your household finances require relief from an existing mortgage with high payments or you’re shopping for your dream home—we can help.

Offering a full range of loan programs including FHA, MSHDA, adjustable rate mortgages, and more, one of our knowledgeable mortgage experts can help you determine the right mortgage option for you and your family—and even give you a free mortgage pre-approval in just a few minutes.

Visit our partner’s site at Member First Mortgage for details and more information.

Note: Please be advised that by clicking on/tapping the link above, you are now leaving Extra Credit Union’s website. This link is provided as a courtesy. Extra Credit Union does not control the policies, content, and/or any transactions that occur on third-party websites.

Did you know you can use the equity in your home to get a new roof, make home renovations, go on a dream vacation, or pay for college? With a Home Equity Line of Credit, get access to needed funds through the financial power of your home’s equity.  We conduct an appraisal and provide up to 90% of your home’s value, with no closing costs.

Benefits include:

  • Variable rate home equity line of credit, competitive base rates
  • Quick access with a HELOC debit card at merchants, our Main Office or any CO-OP ATM location
  • No costly start-up fee or closing costs
  • Potential tax benefits 
  • Worldwide acceptance at participating MasterCard® merchants

Mortgage FAQs

Online at ExtraCreditUnion.org, by calling one of our Mortgage Specialists at (586) 276-3109, or by scheduling an appointment with a Member Service Coordinator at our front desk.

Note: Please be advised that by clicking on/tapping the link above, you are now leaving Extra Credit Union’s website. This link is provided as a courtesy. Extra Credit Union does not control the policies, content, and/or any transactions that occur on third-party websites.

It takes 30 to 45 days from the time of application to closing your loan. This time allows us to thoroughly review income, perform an appraisal of the property, and verify title work. Note: additional information/requirements may apply.

We verify 30 days of pay stubs, two years of federal tax returns, and any fixed annual income statements, such as social security. We’ll also need two months of bank statements, your ID, and proof of insurance on the home.


Note: For any mortgage servicing related questions: Escrow, tax, insurance, payment, fees, statements, payoff, etc. … please call MFM service dept. at (866) 898-1818.

This is typically a written statement from a lender stating that you qualify for a specific loan amount based on credit and income information. Advantages: This allows you to get a good idea of what you can afford while shopping for a home so that you can solely target those within your price range. It also helps to speed up the mortgage process once you find your dream home and the process moves forward. An offer on a home with a pre-approval stands out and might be taken more seriously over a buyer who doesn’t have one.

A mortgage pre-approval is good for 90 days. An auto loan pre-approval is good for 30 days.

General Loan FAQs

Currently, we are not offering commercial loans.

You can apply in person at either of our branches, online at extracreditunion.org, from within eBanking, or over the phone by dialing (586) 276-3000.

Your loan may take as little as a few hours to process, but should take no longer than four days to process in full. This process depends on the details of your loan terms and your individual credit history, as well as getting all of the required documents {i.e. paystubs, payoff letters, etc.} needed from you. For most personal loans, we can close in one day; when loan money is being used to pay off other debt, closing can take longer, up to a week or two.

You should hear from us within one business day.

No, you are not obligated to accept the loan. You will have 30 days to accept the loan. If you do not accept within 30 days, a new application must be submitted to reapply. Your credit report is good for 30 days. After that, a new one must be pulled.

Your Member Service Representative will work with you to help you decide the best loan amount to cover your needs while keeping your payment affordable. The amount is also determined by factors such as your credit score and income, among others. Note: If you are applying after hours, we suggest you apply for the full amount you’d like, and a credit union representative will determine whether you’re eligible for that full amount.

The basic information we need for a loan closing is the applicant’s most recent pay stub and a valid ID/driver’s license. Our lenders also need additional documents for each type of loan. Here are some examples: for auto loans, we need the applicant’s declaration page for insurance, their title, and if it is a dealership purchase, the purchase agreement; for an auto refinance, we need the 10-day payoff letter; for private owner purchases, we need a copy of the title; for debt consolidation loans, we need all of the applicant’s statements for the credit cards or loans they are paying off.

Heck yes! As a member of Extra Credit Union, we do everything we can to help you. We want to hear your story and work with you to make your finances easier. We know bad things happen to good people!

This depends on the type of loan you are requesting. But if you bring your last two pay stubs; personal reference information (i.e. contact information for at least two references); and valid, current forms of identification with you when we first meet you, we’ll think you’re an AWESOME MEMBER and this will definitely help get us started much more quickly!

We can refinance an auto loan or consolidate debt (pay off debt to multiple creditors).

We have all the details in this comprehensive and easy-to-understand document, Understanding Your Credit Score.

Secured loans have something of value tied to them for the credit union to use as collateral. Common secured loans are mortgages, auto loans, and recreational vehicles. Unsecured loans do not have any collateral tied to them, so they often have slightly higher rates than secured loans.

Yes. Extra Credit Union specializes in helping our members establish credit as first time borrowers, as well as helping members reestablish credit. We understand that bad things happen to good people.

Yes. Many of our members have multiple loans with us. Please contact us and we will review your lending needs.

If you opened an Extra Credit Union membership while you resided in an area of Michigan that met our eligibility requirements {to reside, work, worship or attend schools within the Michigan counties of Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, and St. Clair} before relocating out of state, you are still eligible for all consumer loans, excluding mortgages which are limited to property located in Michigan. However, if you live out of state and aren’t yet a member, you are not eligible for an ECU loan.

We can refinance an auto loan or consolidate debt (pay off debt to multiple creditors).

Interest Rate FAQs

Check out Extra Credit Union’s current rates.

The interest rate of a loan is the amount of money you are charged for borrowing money. The rate is expressed as a percentage. Interest is applied to the outstanding principal {the amount you borrowed} on your loan. This does not include the origination fee, or any other fees charged by your lender. The APR is a rate you are charged for borrowing money that is intended to include all fees.

This depends on a number of factors, but our rates can be found at ExtraCreditUnion.org under the Loans to Build Your Life tab, then click on Rates.

Extra Credit Union bases the interest rate on the member’s credit score. Additional factors also apply for auto loans. Members, as well as members of the community, may visit us for a free credit report review at any time, or they may pull their own credit report at www.AnnualCreditReport.com.

Your rate may go up or down during the approval period. You will get the rate that is in effect the day you take the loan.

Payment FAQs

We have several different options for you to choose from, including an automatic transfer from Extra Credit Union or another financial institution, in person, through eBanking, at an ATM, by phone, or payments (check or money order) can be mailed to: Extra Credit Union, 6611 Chicago Road, Warren, MI 48092.

Simply print and complete our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Debit Agreement form through this link and bring it in.

This information will be disclosed to you at your loan closing and documented on your loan paperwork. You will then also be able to find it online when you log into eBanking under Account Info. Once there, use the pull down menu to locate your loan.

The only loan type that may charge an early payoff fee is the Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). A penalty fee of $200 will be charged if the loan is closed in less than two years or the minimum draw of $5,000 is not taken at closing.

Yes, it will. However, you cannot make a “principal only payment.” Daily interest will always be paid when we receive a payment from you.

Payments are expected to be paid by the due date. For questions about your loan payment, call our Payment Solutions Department at (586) 276-3000 ext. 3102.

Late fees will be assessed if payment is not received within 15 calendar days from the due date. The late fee will be assessed on the 16th day past due. Refer to your loan disclosures or our Fee Schedule.

As a courtesy, we will contact you to remind you of your loan payment if we have not received payment from you after the due date.

Typically, your loan payment will not change; however, a few factors may change the payment of your loan, depending on your loan type. For example, a flexLINE payment will change depending on the balance of your line of credit. Collateral Protection Insurance may be added to a secured loan (like an auto loan) if the collateral backing the loan is not fully insured by you; mortgage loan payments can change if the rate selected is variable or if an escrow account has been set up to cover changing insurance or tax costs. If your loan payment changes, please feel free to call us immediately to discuss the change.

After you’ve had your loan with us for a year, set up a meeting with an Extra Credit Union representative. If your credit score has improved, we may adjust the interest rate for you one time for the life of that loan.

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