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ABA Routing Number

A unique 9-digit number, used in the United States, to identify a financial institution; the number is printed at the bottom of the financial institution’s checks and is most often requested by employer payroll offices to set up direct deposit or an electronic withdrawal

The routing number (ABA) at Extra Credit Union is 272477432


A record of debit and credit entries to cover transactions involving a particular person

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

A computer-based interchange for clearing deposits and payments electronically


Rate on a loan which could change during the life of the loan

APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

Interest rate computed for an entire year

APY (Annual Percentage Yield)

The amount of interest earned on a deposit account, taking into account the effect of compounding interest


Everything of value that is owned by a person or company

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

A computerized electronic machine that performs basic banking functions

Automatic Transfer

Instead of writing checks or making manual transfers between accounts each month, you can have funds transferred automatically


Agreement of totals in the debit and credit side of an account; an amount that is still remaining


Debtor who is legally insolvent

Board of Directors

Democratically governs and supervises the Credit Union on a volunteer basis


A secondary location of the credit union where you are able to conduct your banking transactions


A plan for the coordination of income and expenditures

CD (Certificate of Deposit)

A time deposit with a maturity date that usually pays higher interest rates than other types of deposit accounts; a penalty is imposed if the funds are withdrawn before the maturity date


The largest credit union-only ATM network in the country; membership provides surcharge-free access at 28,000 ATMs, which includes 9,000 deposit-taking and 5,500 7-Eleven locations throughout the U.S. and Canada


The person who signs a credit agreement and accepts responsibility for the repayment of a loan in addition to the primary applicant


Anything a financial institution accepts as security for repayment of a loan


To join together all of your debt into one monthly payment, reducing the risk of missing a payment

Courtesy Pay

Covers overdrafts up to a total of $500, including fees; helps you avoid additional bounced-check or late payment fees on returned items from the merchant or payee

Credit Limit

The maximum amount that can be spent on a line of credit

Credit Report

A credit file disclosure that provides you with all of the information in your credit file maintained by a consumer reporting company

Credit Score

Used by a lender to help determine whether a person qualifies for a particular credit card, loan, or service

Credit Union

Not-for-profit financial institutions that conduct business for the mutual benefit and general welfare of their member-owners


Money withdrawn from the holder’s bank account without the payment of interest


The state of owing monies or items to another individual or company


Money placed in your account(s), creating a new balance

Direct Deposit

Money automatically deposited in your account from an employer or other source


A sum of money withdrawn from a fund (as a retirement fund) and given to the beneficiary or holder of the fund


Interest paid on deposit accounts


Choose from a variety of alerts ranging from password changes, cleared checks, maturing CDs, loan payments, and even personal reminders via email or text once set up in eBanking


Allows you to view and manage your account(s) through the Internet

eBanking App

A system that allows members to conduct a number of financial transactions through a mobile device such as a mobile device or tablet


A feature that allows you to photograph paper checks and submit them to your ECU accounts through the eBanking App

eEndorse (DocuSign)

This service allows members to sign loan documents electronically using an email and passcode


A deed, a bond, money, or a piece of property held in trust by a third party to be turned over to the grantee only upon fulfillment of a condition


Account statements delivered in eBanking; paperless account statements

FHA (Federal Housing Administration)

The largest government insurer of mortgages in the world, insuring over 35 million properties since its inception in 1934 and providing mortgage insurance on single-family, multifamily, manufactured homes and hospital loans made by FHA-approved lenders


To raise or provide funds or capital for a tangible item


A mortgage loan where the interest rate on the note remains the same through the term of the loan

FlexLINE of Credit

An open-end loan from Extra Credit Union linked to your checking account; this revolving line of credit can be used for purchases and as overdraft protection


To take legal possession of a mortgage property

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) Insurance

Covers the difference between your automobile insurance carrier’s settlement and the loan balance

Home Equity Line of Credit

Having access to the available equity on a home through an established line of credit

Homeroom Service

Homeroom Service is a unique program catered to school employees who are Extra Credit Union members. This convenient service provides access to a dedicated financial service team that comes directly to your school to personally help you with many of your most common banking needs from applying for a loan to opening a basic checking or savings account.


A means of guaranteeing protection on a person or item

Interest Rate

The rate a financial institution charges for a member to borrow money


Area where you would access online account information that requires a username and password

Maturity Date

The date on which a certificate comes due


An individual belonging to a credit union; part owner of a credit union


A brief statement of the purpose of an organization

Money Market

A savings account that earns more interest and is accessible unlike a CD


A loan taken out through a financial institution to finance a home

MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority)

Provides financial and technical assistance through public and private partnerships to create and preserve safe and decent affordable housing

MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price)

The sticker price on a vehicle

NCUA (National Credit Union Association)

The federal agency that charters and supervises federal credit unions and insures savings in federal and most state-chartered credit unions across the country through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund

NCUSIF (Nation Credit Union Share Insurance Fund)

A federal insurance fund backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government


Nonsufficient or insufficient funds-when a member’s account does not contain enough money to cover a check or payment


Amount a bank account is overdrawn

Overdraft Transfer

When set up this allows for transfer from a designated savings to cover purchases or checks drawn from an account that has insufficient funds available

PAT (Personal Anytime Teller)

Account information available to you by phone

Point-of-Sale Pay

Allows Courtesy Pay to kick in when making purchases with an ATM or Debit Card


Original amount of money, interested or borrowed


To revise a loan agreement to make the terms of payment more suitable to a borrower’s present income and ability to pay; usually provides a lower interest rate, lower monthly payments and/or additional dollars


To take possession (of something bought) from a buyer in default of the payment


A grant-in-aid to a student (as by a college or foundation)


Term used to denote that a loan is backed by some type of collateral to help minimize risk to the financial institution and ensure repayment

Signature Loan

A loan not backed by collateral; sometimes called an unsecured personal loan


Move funds from one account to another


Term used to denote that a loan is not backed by some type of collateral; usually referred to as a signature or personal loan

Wire Transfer

Transferring money from one entity to another


Money removed from a place of deposit or investment

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