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Important Scam Alert: Phone fraudsters posing as ECU staff

We may be coming out of the holiday season—A.K.A. scam season—but that doesn’t mean fraudsters will be done trying to steal your financial and personal information.

Please be aware of recent scams and protect your information:

PHONE CALL SCAM: Recently, members have reported receiving phone calls from a number that appears to be originating at Extra Credit Union—but this is a scam. The fraudsters then try to get you to reveal your eBanking login or other account information.

—Please remember that Extra Credit Union will never call you and ask for your eBanking login credentials over the phone.—

We strongly advise you to never give out your eBanking information to anyone who calls you requesting this information or otherwise.

TEXT SCAM: Some members also have reported receiving fraudulent text messages stating that there has been a fraud attempt on their card and to reply “yes” or “no” if they wanted a fraud specialist to call them.

One of the reports we received came from an “808” area code {Hawaii}—however the fraudulent texts could come from other various area codes/numbers. When the person replies yes, the fraudster then calls and asks for a card number, email address and phone number to reach them back. This is an attempt to gain personal and financial information, and this is not coming from Extra Credit Union. If Extra Credit Union legitimately tries to reach out about fraudulent activity on your card, the message would come from an “800” number.

If you are unsure or suspect you have received a scam call/text, please hang up or delete the text message and reach out to us directly at (586) 276-3000. A member of our Call Center can verify whether the call/text you received was a scam and further guide you. And remember—we offer free credit report reviews, which will help you determine if there is any fraudulent activity or errors on your credit report.

In addition, if you have an Extra Credit Checking account, the free credit report monitoring service that is included will alert you of any activity on your credit report.

Don’t have Extra Credit Checking? Get the details on our website.

Have questions? We’re happy to help! Please email info@extracreditunion.org, use the chat feature in the eBanking App, or call or text us at (586) 276-3000.

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