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Spring Clean, Spring Ka-Ching!

Did you finish spring cleaning and find a bunch of stuff to sell? Here are some places to unload it all and make some money in the process.


This website is accessed by millions of people all over the world. You’re likely to find the right buyers, especially if you’re willing to ship internationally.

If you’ve never used it before, you’ll need to set up an account. You’ll also need a PayPal account, which is the service most eBay users use for sending and receiving payments.


Craigslist is the free classifieds website that allows you to list items for sale in your community. For safety’s sake, it’s best not to use your personal email address for this account. Instead, use the proxy email address Craigslist provides or a disposal email address from another site. It’s also smart to meet potential buyers in a public place, and to bring a friend with you.


If you’re selling books, movies, games, or music, Amazon is easy because you don’t have to take photos or describe your product. Find your product on Amazon—you can search by the item’s ISBN to make sure you find the exact version, as many titles are released in multiple versions—and click “Sell” in the menu under the search bar. You will need to set up an Amazon seller account.

Resale shops

If you’re selling clothing, look for a resale or consignment shop in your town. Call ahead and ask what the shop is looking for—does it accept vintage or only newer, lightly used stuff? To get the best price, be selective about what you bring in and make sure your clothes are clean. Also, be prepared for them to not accept everything.

Used book, music, and video game stores

Do a quick Google search for stores that sell these items. If your town has a Half Price Books, that store buys books, music, movies, and video games and will recycle whatever it doesn’t accept. Gamestop, a video game retailer, will buy used games.

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